Our Approach

We believe that our society is completed when everyone is included, that’s why from the start we support the language development for your deaf child, we provide an outstanding interactive affordable qualified educational experience using AR technology and 26 gradually learning level specially designed for children to learn through an environment of loving and accepting.

Our Story

The story started with one of the people who had lost his way, and could not get help to go to the destination he wanted to go, this person called Omar Zghoul, he tried to tell others in the street that he is in the wrong place and he needs to be somewhere else, most pedestrians simply ignored him, some of them just smiled to him and keep going, others tried to communicate with Abu Mohammad, to help him but they failed to understand what he was trying to say .. 

This is what happens when you speak a different language!! 

And this is what actually happened while one of MarthaEDU founders Ehab, attended to the bus station, trying to get on the bus that will take him home from his work, Ehab tried to help Omar Zghoul reach his destination, but he could not understand what he said throw sign language, even after Ehab took out his phone and started writing to the deaf man trying to communicate with him, but Omar Zghoul could not read and write well, and it was a shock to Ehab that a man in his mid-fifties could not read and write!!

This experience was a real incentive that motivated us as a team to start working, digging deeply into the causes of illiteracy in deaf communities in Jordan and the world, conduct field studies and communicate with experts and specialists, to learn the fundamental rules for building a high-quality educational system in order to improve the life of the deaf ..Constant communication with users and always ask them for feedback at every stage of the construction of MarthaEDU then through studies .. we figured out that the educational process should start with the age of two with a gradual learning mechanism starting with vocabulary Until the child can read and write and communicate Smoothly with family and society. 

And because we believe that learning is a right for everyone, we have combined our efforts to develop a mobile application and educational product supported with sign language to be the first interactive affordable qualified home learning tool suitable for any place any time, designed to make children in an environment of loving and accepting where they can learn with families and friends and have fun and this is how we aim to achieve it in Jordan and the Middle East.

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Meet the Team

Ehab Kahwati

Co-founder & CEO

Rasha Abu Shakhdam

Co-founder & COO